Monday, March 16, 2015

Some more RubyJune

I have to tell you I love, love, love the Elise pattern by Little Lizard King
They ran a Sew Along (SAL) on their facebook page last week and I just couldn't help myself.
I wanted to try the new variations and seeing as they only want you to post one picture (I did a collage lol) I thought I would finally do some blogging!

Believe it or not one of the first things I did was choose a model.

Little Miss R takes dance classes with LKJ

As you can see I decided to make a top this time.
I made mine nice and full, I used two full widths and 2 layers!

As part of the SAL they gave us a tutorial for adding a flutter sleeve.
I am so in love with this vintage eyelet, it just looks fabulous (well in my humble opinion lol)

There was also new instructions for the back (I think I actually prefer this to the original halter neck)

Lately I have fallen in love with making my own piping, so I added as much piping as I could too :)
This went great with the new tutorial on adding a collar (the options really are endless with this pattern)

At the end of the SAL they do a little show and tell with prizes but I have to tell you I feel like I already won because Little Miss R loved her new top (I think her mum did too) and that is what I truly enjoy about sewing!!!

If you don't own this pattern yet you should! You can buy it here

Elise Pattern

and here is a link for the

flutter sleeve tutorial

and the 


and the

back bodice loops

Stephanie xoxo

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Ruby June Summer

As SUMMER draws to an end here in Australia all my lovely northern hemisphere friends will be starting to gear up for theirs, so here is a post all about my RUBY JUNE SUMMER
This year I decided to put myself out there and do some markets under the name Ruby June.

Shared my stall with Bec from Chasing Cottons

It was fun and scary and somewhat successful :)
To be able to have a market stall you have to have stock which is why I have been a little absent from the blog in the last few months.
Here are the fruits of my labours

Here is my version of a pillowcase dress
 they are 2 layers
 with elastic lace cross-over sleeves
 with 2 fabric flowers
and matching ruffles at the bottom

but you can't just sell dresses right?
 Better add some simple skirts
 with matching tops
 should probably make several varieties of those
 oh and some ruffle shorts
because SUMMER is definitely made for handstands
 Then of course you need accessories
 like clips
and giant headbands

In the end I have to say in was a great summer and now that its coming to an end and the kids have all gone back to school, I thought I would audition for Project Run and Play season 9 (because really what else do I have to do now all 5 of my children are at school - YAY)

Stephanie xoxo
p.s. a big thank you to my gorgeous little models and their mums, it was such a great shoot down at the beach :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Elise Ruffle Dress

Lucky me I got to test a pattern before it was released 
(now I can tick that off my bucket list)

The Elise Ruffle Dress
Little Lizard King

It was so much fun. All the women who tested this dress were wonderful. We exchanged ideas on fabric choices and sewed like mad women. It was all done and dusted in a week!
I got to test the size 12 (yep it goes all the way up to size 12).
I was a little worried that it might be too girly for Miss B now she is a tween lol, but we picked some fabulous fabric from Riley Blake and made it perhaps just a little funkier than I ever imagined.

This pattern is definitely versatile. It comes with every option you could probably ever want, including 3 styles of hems, 2 styles for the bodice and 2 lengths (dress or top).

Miss B is wearing the deluxe version. I call it that because this one requires the most fabric and let me tell you those ruffles at the bottom went on and on and on for miles! but I think they look fabulous, so worth the effort. It was the first time I had done the double ruffle and I am in love (complete details on how to achieve this look are in the pattern)

Of course the reason for miles and miles of ruffles is that the skirt is very full. Now I'm not a huge fan of gathering but it just looks soooo good, the pattern even comes with a tutorial on gathering (seriously they thought of everything!)

I have sewed similar dresses to this one before but I have never been completely happy with the fit, but this pattern has an elasticized back (I'm still too nervous to shirr lol) and a tie under the bust line so it fits perfectly :) 

So like I said they have thought of everything including a doll size option, so here is 
Mini Miss B in her matching dress.

One last thing, the price. Personally I think they could have charged more but they have priced it at $9.50 ($US), which is a bargain for what is really at the very least 3 patterns (dress, top & doll)

Well that's it what are you waiting for go grab it yourself, here is the link again :)

Elise Ruffle Dress
Little Lizard King

Stephanie xoxo

Friday, August 23, 2013

Now For Something Different

My Sister-in-Law is getting married in just a few short weeks :)
Unfortunately she is a reluctant bride
Now don't get me wrong she is happy to be married, it's just the whole wedding thing that doesn't look good to her. Even tougher for her is the fact that she is the only daughter in her family. That of course means my Mother-in-Law only gets to do this once so she is going the whole hog lol.
I managed to avoid most of the clashes :)
but I did offer to help with the bridal shower

I got to do the gift bags

The wedding has a snow theme
They are getting married on the slopes :)
For the shower they picked white and blue
White for the Snow
Blue for the Sky

This is what I put in each bag

Some lollies, a Raffaello (snow ball lol) and some sour hearts

Our blushing bride to be wanted no silly games but her mother felt we needed something to pass the time, the solution quiet independent games with a lovely scented pen.

For a wedding in the snow you will need a scarf :)

To finish it off a miniature snow globe - a cute keepsake

All fits beautifully in these white paper bags with blue and white flowers and ribbons

Lastly a surprise
A garter - but what it's for is a secret shhh

I had a lot of fun making these, I learnt heaps of new skills and used up lots of creativity, now I just have to hope everyone else loves it too :)

Stephanie xoxo

Monday, August 19, 2013

A pep talk and a peplum

Yes I know its been a long, long time coming but finally here is my review of the


I love this pattern!!!!!!
These two little darlings are quite slim 
and this pattern made it very easy to adjust for that perfect fit.

 In fact Miss J is only a size 2 in width but a 7 in length

And Miss O is a 8 in length but a 5 in width

The only difficulty I had with the pattern was attaching the collar, it was always too big and the tutorial did say that might be the case and just to adjust it when attaching which I did, but with that in mind I would say this is a pattern for an 
intermediate sewer (or adventurous beginner).

Would I make more of them?
You bet! (I already have)

Don't forget to get a copy for yourself :)


Stephanie xoxo

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pinafore Review

Today's pattern review is 

Why this pattern?
I wanted to make a pinafore to go with my ruffle bottoms. I had mad quite a few reversible pinafores from "Smashed Peas and Carrots" FREE pinafore pattern but I wanted to be able to make lots of different sizes (that one is 6 months only) and I wanted to add lace/ruffles on the bottom part only without it looking weird. The sizing options for this pattern are 3m-3T with bonus 18"doll.
 Here is a size 3-6 months on Baby T. 
The pattern itself only requires 3 pages of printing! 
The instructions made the tie placement easy :) 
This pattern does not state that it is reversible, but mine is.

With mine I used lace for the tie and I skipped adding the ruffles and added lace after everything else was finished.
It was important to me that the arm holes weren't too big and that it wasn't too long at the front.
I think this pattern is perfect for showing off cute little ruffle bottoms!

Want your own copy check it out here
Ellen's Ruffled Pinafore
Little Lizard King

Stephanie xoxo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Cheeks

A Review
as promised :)
 I think there is nothing cuter than ruffle bottoms on a baby girl, so lets put them on one :)
Introducing Baby T <3
When I decided to make some of these ruffle bottoms I looked at masses of patterns. I wanted to make sure I got one that didn't have that saggy butt look, I was also worried about ruffle placement, not too long  that it looks like half a skirt and not too short that it doesn't cover the bottom of the pant. This pattern was perfect!!!!
No saggy butt for Baby T
The pattern itself was easy to follow, nothing terribly tricky. 
The step by step tutorial was very clear.
I really like that each size had its own pattern, that way you can print off just what you need and not worry if you are cutting along the right line (I've made some mistakes with that before)
The only thing I did different from the pattern was the hems on the ruffles. I have a fabulous rolled hem foot on my Janome. I love it, it small, neat and requires very little fabric! I also added the lace to each ruffle.
Of course we can't have Baby T getting around in just her ruffle bottoms, so I embellished this singlet with a scrap fabric button flower and made her this cute lace flower headband.

Want to make some of your own ruffle bottoms?
I would definitely get this pattern


Stephanie xoxo